List Of Equipments
We have various equipments in our services. From heavy to light equipments. In our heavy equipments, we have about 8 Agricultural Tractor, 5 Backhoes, 1 Batching plant, 10 Bulldozers, 16 Dumptruck, 1 Excavator, 3 Fuel Truck, 1 Landscaper, 6 Payloader, 1 Road Grader, 4 Road Roller, 3 Skid/Loader, 1 Tando Telescopic Crane, 1 Trailer with low bed and high bed, 2 Transit Mixer and 3 Water truck.

In our light equipment, we also have 6 Cargo Truck, 10 Concrete Mixer, 1 Green Aerator, 1 Hydroseeding Machine, 10 Pick-up Elf, 3 Sod Cutter, 1 Verticutter/Thatcher and 4 Welding Machine.

We also have various lawn and golf maintenance equipments, such as Gang Mowers, Rotary Mowers, Reel Mowers, Brush Cutters, Vaccum Blowers, Trimmers, Pumps, Sprinklers, and other related irrigation product and equipments.
Landscaping (Indoor and Outdoor) /
GARDENING (Gardening Consultancy, Turf and Garden Maintenance /
SUPPLIER (Tropical Plants and Garden Supplies) /
ORNAMENTS (Fountains, Bullusters, and Other Ornamental Concrete Products
We offer various services which includes indoor and outdoor landscaping; turf and garden maintenance; tropical plant and garden supply; gardening consultancy; and ornamental precast which includes fountains, ballusters and other ornamental concrete products.

Bulacan Garden maintains four nurseries - all situated in Bulacan. These nurseries has a total area of about 57 hectares, 30% of which is under a green house and 70% is allocated for outdoor plants, trees, and palms. Here various decorative plants from ixora, hibiscus, codiaeum to various species of hybrid palms are available.

The latest addition to Bulacan Gardens Decor are the precast. Ballusters, fountain sculptures, archs of varying intricacies in designs are cast within the company's premises. Various designs of Grottoes are available depending on space and availability and choices of accessories.