Product Features
The roots of Bulacan Garden Corporation have its marks in the very home town of its founders, Tata Bato and Inang Rita Santiago in Haganoy Bulacan. Their leadership in this field today is the story, a long but inspiring daily struggle.

They started in 1955 with a small productive backyard. Small flowering plants were first sold at the Hagonoy town market; gradually, they spread to neighboring towns and eventually reached Manila in 1957. Busy as bees selling their flowering wares in the sidewalks of Arranque, Blumentritt, Pritil and Dimasalang Markets and at the vicinity of the Redemptorist Church. This productive family was able to earn enough to start a store of their own at Cartimar Market in 1960.

The first branch was opened in 1967 at the south superhighway, Nicholas Air Base to meet the demands of the growing customer such as garden supply dealers and landscapers. Finally, Bulacan Garden was incorporated in 1979 and started as the major contractor supplier of the most government projects throughout the country.

Today, Bulacan Garden's accomplishments are breaking work records in speed, total land area, and quality. The main store at P. Tuazon displays the largest variety of plants. It has concrete garden chairs and plants stands. Various other designs are available. Garden tools, garden chemicals and fertilizers are always on stock ready for immediate use.
In 1991, the corporate received the Golden Shell Award given by the Philippine Trade Training Center to the countries leading exporters. The Golden Shell Award is the highest recognition ever to be given to any Filipino exporters.